The Queen Mary
Former Transatlantic Luxury Ocean Liner!

The Queen Mary is a former luxury transatlantic ocean liner that was once the travel choice for Hollywood celebrities, royalty and dignitaries. Constructed in 1930, this ship was named for the wife of King George V of England, and sailed her maiden voyage on May 27, 1936 from Southampton, England. From 1936 to 1939, The Queen Mary was the standard means of transatlantic travel for the rich and famous.

After the start of World War II, the ship was transformed into a troopship capable of transporting 16,000 troups. After World War II, the ship was retrofitted and resumed service as a luxury ocean liner and served as such until 1967. As air travel increased in popularity, The Queen Mary became less the travel means of choice for transatlantic travel. The ship set sail on her final cruise on October 31, 1967, and reached her final destination in Long Beach, California on December 9, 1967.

About The Queen Mary Hotel

Today The Queen Mary is a Long Beach attraction, serving as a hotel, event and wedding venue and home to three world class restaurants. As a hotel, The Queen Mary accommodations include 346 unique first class staterooms and 9 suites that are above sea level. Hotel amenities include Queen Mary Spa, boutiques and shops, guided tours, shows and exhibits.

The Queen Mary features five-star dining at Sir Winston's Restaurant & Lounge. This restaurant has been named one of the most romantic restaurants in the USA! The Royal Sunday Brunch features over 50 unique dishes from around the world. Observation Bar and Art Deco Lounge gives guests an experience reminiscient of the 1930s. At one time the Observation Bar was the ocean liner's first class lounge. It's service now includes wine tasting.


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