About Us

Albany's Internet Mall began in the year 2000 as advertisements on a Gospel Music piano course website. The first advertisements were travel related but soon included a varienty of products and services such as cuisine, apparel and more. As the number and variety of advertisements grew, so did the need for a separate website for the advertisements. A separate website was created, Gospel Music by Ear Internet Mall, named after the music course, Gospel Music by Ear.

In the Spring of 2001, the name Gospel Music by Ear Internet Mall was changed to Albany's Internet Mall, to reflect the location of the service. A visitors guide for Albany Georgia and Southwest Georgia was also added as a community service of Albany's Internet Mall. A new affiliation with World Choice Travel, then a division of Travelocity, also increased the need for more websites to accommodate the travel services offered through Albany's Internet Mall. The result of all these expansions is a family of websites that provide online shopping and travel services.

The Albany Georgia and Southwest Georgia visitors guide was expanded into two websites: an Albany Georgia visitors guide and a Southwest Georgia visitors guide. Two additonal visitors guides, one for Atlanta and one for New York City were subsequently added.

Albany's Internet Mall
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