Beverly Hills California
Hollywood's Bedroom Community!

The Beverly Hills shield sign is a Beverly Hills landmark. There are 33 signs throughout the city of Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills California, known for glamour and movie stars, is Hollywood's bedroom community. The city was founded in 1907 by a group of investors who purchased the land in 1900 through their Amalgamated Oil Company. After drilling for oil and striking water, the investors turned the land into a residential community.1 Amalgamated Oil Company was reorganized into Rodeo Land and Water Company. The new company subdivided the land into lots for sale.2

Early property owners in Beverly Hills included notable businessmen and movie stars. King Gillette of Gillette razors as well as Douglas Fairbanks and Mary Pickford to name a few, purchased land and built homes that became well known Beverly Hills estates. Soon other movie stars and movie moguls also purchased land and built estates in Beverly Hills.4 During the decades since 1930, many homes and estates have been occupied by several celebrities.5 The tour of movie stars homes is a popular "thing to do" for Beverly Hills visitors.

The Beverly Hills Hotel, founded in 1912, was used to attract potential homeowners to the new community of Beverly Hills. Hotel guests were taken on a tour of the area and shown sites available for sale as residential propertry.3

Since its founding, The Beverly Hills Hotel, itself a Beverly Hills landmark, has been the heart of Beverly Hills glamour and commerce. The hotel's famous Polo Lounge, named for Will Rogers, has been a popular dining spot for movie and television stars. The hotel's Bungalows have been a haven for the rich and famous. The hotel's swimming pool and cabana have also been popular not only as a gathering place for Hollywood's A listers, but also as a film location.6

The Beverly Hills Hotel pool area is a popular film location.

Another favorite "thing to do" in Beverly Hills is shopping (including window shopping) on Rodeo Drive.


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